Most tour companies cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions. It's important for customers to communicate their dietary needs in advance. Meals may range from simple picnic-style lunches to gourmet spreads depending on the tour.

Tour guides typically have training in first-aid, regional knowledge, and possess essential personality and leadership skills. It's advisable to inquire about the experience level of guides and their familiarity with the tour locations.

Private tours offer tailored experiences with more flexibility and are ideal for those seeking comfort, luxury, or traveling with family. Group tours are more budget-friendly and suitable for those looking to meet new people. They usually follow a fixed schedule and may include other group activities like shopping.

In case of a last-minute cancellation by the guide, the tour company will either arrange a replacement guide or issue a refund in the form of credits for future travel.

Private tours are designed around the customer's preferences and schedule. Customers can provide input on what they want to experience, and the tour can be tailored accordingly. These tours offer more flexibility and personalization compared to group tours.

Generally, group tours are cheaper than private tours as they share resources among a larger number of participants, making them more economical.

If the tour is canceled 72 hours before the tour, the deposit payment is not refundable.

Responsible tour companies actively work to minimize their impact on the environment and local communities. Customers can inquire about the company's efforts in recycling, conservation, and benefiting local populations.

For any special requirements, such as traveling with infants, the elderly, or needing special care, customers should inform the tour company in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made

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